When Faith Was the Only Cure

“This book is a ‘profile in courage.’ I was with Jeff when he received the diagnosis and can say without reservation that without his bold reaction, he wouldn't be alive today.”

Dave Housholder

“When faced with a life-threatening disease, Jeff rose to the occasion and never gave up. His example of determination, perseverance and unwavering faith in God is one we can all gain strength from.”

Gary Keller
Founder & Chairman, Keller Williams Realty International

“Jeff Scislow is a man who dares to believe in God's timeless truths and his life shines as a beacon. Take his story as proof that God can and will prove Himself strong to those who believe.”

Jane Park Smith
Ms. America 2008

“Despite the life threatening diagnosis and ‘medicine’s’ inability to find a cure, Jeff was steadfast in his belief that the Lord would see him through. His faith would be the ‘shining star’ leading him through his darkest hour. His is a story to inspire us all!”

Scott Podratz, PA-C
Family Practice/Urgent Care Medicine

Beyond Belief - Journey to a Miracle

In life, stuff happens! And those unpleasant happenings come in all shapes and sizes. Some are mere challenges or obstacles, while others are catastrophic upheavals. The fact is, we all face them and respond differently to their unwelcomed arrival.

Journey to a Miracle is a powerful testimony, written from the heart, with wisdom and encouragement. It explores the responses that Jeff Scislow took when faced with an onslaught of bizarre occurrences that escalated to where he was diagnosed with an incurable disease. This is a true story of overcoming adversity through faith and determination; one that will inspire you to rise above any challenge you may be facing now or in the future and pave your way to greater successes in life.