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“Despite the life threatening diagnosis and ‘medicine’s’ inability to find a cure, Jeff was steadfast in his belief that the Lord would see him through. His faith would be the ‘shining star’ leading him through his darkest hour. His is a story to inspire us all!”

Scott Podratz, PA-C — Family Practice/Urgent Care Medicine

“This book is a ‘profile in courage.’ I was with Jeff when he received the diagnosis and can say without reservation that without his bold reaction, he would not be alive today. Many of my friends bailed on Jeff when he took this radical direction, but I stuck with him, even though it stretched my faith to places it had not been before. I have used his story countless times to encourage others to choose life in the face of devastating diagnoses.”

Dave Housholder — Pastor,

“Jeff Scislow’s amazing and inspiring story confirms the Hashem (the Almighty in Hebrew) hears our faithful prayers and strengthens us as He did Jeff.”

Rudy Boschwitz - U.S. Senator

“I have followed Jeff’s business success for years. Year after year, he performs at the top of his game. When faced with a life-threatening disease, he rose to the occasion and never gave up. His example of determination, perseverance, and unwavering faith in God is one we can all gain strength from.”

Gary Keller — Founder & Chairman, Keller Williams Realty International

"To see Jeff on the other side of his crisis gives me faith to believe that anything is possible! He shows by example that we can overcome insurmountable odds and find greater purpose in life.”

Rob Ketterling — Lead Pastor, River Valley Church

“With such a powerful and compelling story set forth in this book, the greatest tragedy would be to read it and decide ‘it could not happen to me’ or someone you love. Jeff Scislow is a man who dares to believe in God’s timeless truths and his life shines as a beacon. Take his story as proof that God can and will prove Himself strong to those who believe.”

Jane Park Smith — Ms. America 2008

“Journey to a Miracle is one of those books that gives a pure injection of love, hope, and faith. I truly believe that as some read this book, miracles of healing will take place. One thing for sure, all who read it will come away refreshed and in awe of the goodness of God.”

Patricia King — Extreme Prophetic

“Journey to a Miracle explores the depths of Jeff’s experience, the choices he made, and the miracle he received. Prepare yourself for victory, as you allow this book to inspire and impact your life.”

Margaret Kelly — CEO, RE/MAX International

“I remember visiting Jeff in the hospital. I went to offer him some company, comfort, and encouragement. Instead, I was the one who left encouraged by him! Jeff’s optimism was contagious; his faith never wavered’the outcome was a miraculous healing.”

David Linger - Exec. VP, Regional Director, RE/MAX North Central,Inc.

“Do miracles happen? Does God answer prayers? Can faith heal? My spiritual upbringing engrained a ‘Yes’ to all three questions. However, when faced with a life threatening illness, I witnessed Jeff Scislow, by what seemed like an iron will of faith, receive a personal ‘Yes’ to each of those questions.

I’d witnessed determination, focus, persistence, inquisitiveness, and a charming personality serve him well in his business, and then I admired his ability to apply those same qualities in his battle for life. His greatest partner, faith in the Almighty, coupled with those qualities that make Jeff Scislow what he is . . . allows us to enjoy him and his powerful spirit today.”

Howard Brinton - Founder and CEO, Star Power Systems

“While serving in the Marine Corps in the latter 1970s, Jeff consistently performed as one of the most outstanding Marines under my supervision. His determination and the ’fight’ that he displayed at that time is evident throughout this book as he overcame obstacles, most importantly, the fight for his life.”

Sergeant Major John M. Roberson - USMC, Retired